Version 0.1

Experience what it feels like to drive through the African savannas looking to spot the big five. Get a close encounter with a herd of elephants or a pack of lions. See zebras and giraffes grazing in the fields. And take a picture to prove it to the rest of the world!

Features planned for the final version: - Realistic behaviour of all animals. Cheetahs will chase down gazelles, giraffes will graze, look for water and run away from you and monkeys will try to steal your hat. - Different types of environments to explore. - Take photos of everything you see and share them with the world. - Day and night time mode.

If you have any questions, ideas, feature requests or bug reports about Safari don't hesitate to contact us! You can give us a poke through email, twitter or send us a message in a bottle.

Safari is an upcoming experience currently in the early stages of development.
The download below is a sneak peak.