The Hammered Anvil

Version 0.1

Welcome, weary traveler! Step out of the cold and into the cozy embrace of The Hammered Anvil, the best (and to be fair, only) tavern within 50 miles. We offer all the comforts you have come to expect from the finest establishments in the land: actual chairs, relatively fresh food, no rampaging goblin armies and the darkest ale this side of the empire! The Hammered Anvil offers a classic tavern environment to immerse yourself in. Settle down next to a cozy fireplace, enjoy the soothing tunes of the tavern’s musicians and engage the colorful locals (well, drunkards) to share a drink. Choose to enter our tavern as a visitor or take over one of the NPC’s to interact with the newcomers.

We hope to see you in The Hammered Anvil soon. The first round is on us!

If you have any questions, ideas, feature requests or bug reports about The Hammered Anvil don't hesitate to contact us! You can give us a poke through email, twitter or send us a message in a bottle.