Linger Gameplay

In my previous post I mentioned that there was little to no response to the release of Linger. Well, I was very happy to discover that two people have taken the time to play through Linger and post a video of their experience online. It was a thrill watching someone else discover everything. And their commentary while playing really helped to figure out what works, what doesn’t work and what are just annoying bugs (can someone say door).

But those videos really put some things into perspective for me. When you work on something for a month with only yourself as a critic, it gets increasingly difficult to see what works and what doesn’t work. And especially with something like Linger, where “works” means that it’s scary, it’s good to get a fresh perspective on it. As the developer you already know what, when and where scary things might happen and that makes you a bad judge for the scariness factor.

So, thank you John Nonya and Qelric, that was awesome and insightful!

Watch Qelric's Playthrough

Qelric’s Playthrough, make sure to watch until the very end. :)

Watch John Nonya's Playthrough

John Nonya’s Playthrough