Linger 1.1 Released

After seeing all those awesome videos of people playing Linger, I decided to do an update. There were some things people were having problems with, which I wanted to address. And some changes which I think should make the whole experience a lot better.

Some of the highlights:

  • Changed to two button/key interactions from one button/key. Judging by the Youtube playthroughs people threw water at doors they wanted to open and accidentally closed doors when they wanted to throw water. Although we liked the one button for everything solution this should cause less frustrations.
  • Rewritten the kinematic haunting system. The poltergeist now has the ability to push and throw objects, so watch your head!
  • Added some new objects for the new kinematic system. You know, so you will have something fun to dodge.
  • Added a couple of new scares.

When developing I also detected a pretty severe bug. By accident I discovered that playing on a less powerful system, which doesn’t allow you to get a minimum of 40 FPS, results in something I like to call “The Remote Control Bug”. Apparently Unity’s trigger events can’t be fully relied on at low fps, so sometimes the system didn’t register a player entering or exiting trigger areas. This resulted in the player being able to open/close doors and toggle light switches from a distance. But it also caused more game breaking problems like doors refusing to open, lights refusing to turn on, uncleansable dark energy, end game triggers refusing to trigger…you know, all the enjoyable stuff.

So now I know why some people had some serious issues playing Linger. But this was not a feature, it was a bug, which I’m happy to report has been squashed.