Ixama: Prism of Fate

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Today we announce the project we have been working on for the past couple of months! It’s called “Ixama: Prism of Fate”, our latest VR creation. In which we will take you on an exciting and mysterious journey.

When we decided to switch gears back in March, first thing to decide was what we were going to be creating next. Virtual Reality is such a new medium and we as VR developers are pioneering and figuring out what works and what doesn’t while we create. So we first took a couple of weeks to imagine a massive list of things, which we thought would be great to experience in VR. Afterwards we condensed this list to a couple of ideas we were most excited about. Those ideas got turned into simple prototypes and of those prototypes one was clearly the winner.

We settled on a fairly simple prototype where you needed to do some exploring in a mysterious cave. There was something captivating and slightly claustrophobic about delving into those caves not knowing what was around the next corner. And we all agreed that this just worked great in VR. So now it was time to decide what kind of VR experience this would be. I personally started my VR adventure by creating Iceland, because I like the amusement park style rides, where you just sit back and enjoy the show. But I also really enjoyed the benefits of being able to walk around at your own pace, mostly because you can really get immersed in the environment and enjoy every nook and cranny. So, we decided this creation should be kind of like a ride, but one where you walk around by yourself. The experience doesn’t expect you to use any awkward gamey mechanics. All you have to do is enjoy the ride, while you explore this mysterious environment. And those who take their time doing this will be rewarded by discovering secrets sprinkled across the caves.

So, a mysterious cave crawling ride by foot. The potential to become something awesome, but it needed more. It needed personality. That’s when we got the idea of something we like to call a cinematic experience. So, no cave crawling just for the sake of showing off a cave in VR. We want the user to become immersed into something bigger, like stepping inside a movie. Imagine how great it would be to actually feel like you are James Bond. To feel like him you need more than wearing a tuxedo and sipping away at your shaken, not stirred, drink at some bar. You will need some beautiful Russian spy girl trying to seduce you, escaping from the hotelroom when you are being ambushed by nasty henchman, resulting in a car chase and a final showdown with in the villains’ evil lair. And you need to know why you are doing all this. Is the world in jeopardy and what are you going to do to save the day?

And that’s how we came up with the idea of a cinematic experience, where you will really feel what it’s like to be an Indiana Jones or Lara Croft inspired character. We are creating an adventure in which you will explore an abandoned mine in search of a forgotten and powerful treasure. We will make sure you have an adventure full of mystery, exploration, hidden wonders and the mandatory spine-chilling situations. We call this great adventure “Ixama: Prism of Fate.” Who or what is Ixama? What kind of prism are we talking about and how is this bound to your fate? You will have to find out for yourself. ;)

We are aiming for a Q1 2015 release, but we will share lots of information in the coming months. We will even have some blogpost with behind the scenes information about how we go about creating this marvellous underground cave world.