Creations in development

2015 is here! The year that VR will finally make its way into the arms of the consumers. The year that Marty McFly and Doc Brown will come back to the future. The year that Half-Life 3 will finally be released (we’re absolutely 99% sure about it). And also the year of new and exciting things coming out of the Verge laboratory.

We’ve decided to be a lot more open about the things we are working on. As of yet, VR and experimentation still go hand in hand. Some things work out great in VR and some things don’t. To figure it out you have to create lots of “things”. We at Verge are constantly creating “things” and we think you should be included in this process. This way you guys have influence on what we finish first and which projects are kept for later. So we’ve updated our creations section to also include creations we are currently experimenting with. Some will only have descriptions and some will even have downloadable development builds. And if you see anything that you love or have some great ideas about we would love to chat with you about it.

So if you’re interested you can take a look at our updated creations section!